Being lady has so many charms. From skincare, beauty, fashion, and more, we always have something going on. It's all part of being a woman. So what are those vital items to have in your bag when you need to be out. Below is my 5 must-have items i don't leave the house on my day out.

My lips are prone to getting dried up easily. Touching up my lips is very necessary else I will be left with cracked lips. Now, this isn't a good sight to behold. Depending on the type/texture of lipstick you use, be it matte or gloss, after a few hours, it may have cleaned off hence one has to top up the shade. 

You're probably going to have a busy day at work. Or you may be going out to party. Which ever you do, you are guaranteed to get sweaty. No one likes to have their faces feel greasy. Having a makeup powder comes handy. It could be a setting powder or plain old school white powder. Whichever, will help to keep your face dry and looking perfect.

We all have our favorite scents. Something portable and easy to use whenever we are out to keep us smelling fresh. I like to have the mini size of my favorite scents in my bag. I like the Cartier Baiser Voile mini or the Coco Chanel mini, they both smell so fresh and mild.

I know you may be wondering what exactly this is for. Lol. Let me tell you. it has so many good uses. For dabbing the face before applying powder or lipstick touch up. Our hands always touch different surfaces, in the absence of water, wet wipes comes to the rescue. Lastly, just like babies, baby wipes can also be used after visiting the restroom. It is actually more hygienic than using tissues or water alone. Most baby wipes contains antibacterial properties. So this is a perfect for ladies.

There is nothing worse than being out and having your phone run out of battery. Mobile phones are an essential part of every day life for communication. With so many apps working at the same time utilizing the battery power, you need a back up especially if you are going to have a long day out. So have a portable power bank tucked in your bags ladies.

  The list of essential items to have in your handbag is not exhaustive. These are just my top five items. What do you usually have in your hand bag? Let us know in the comment section below.


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