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I'm so guilty of one or two of this habits. Some people are born with naturally spotless skin and they do not need to do much to keep it that way. F or some of us, we have to do extra to make our faces be in good form. If you are not aware of some these causes, you may keep trying to fix it doing the wrong thing instead of cutting out the various habits mentioned below.

Picking and pinching
 This is one major culprit. Am so guilty of it. The urge to pinch and press any little sign of pimple is really hard to stop. But pinching and picking causes more acne to spread and it leaves spots and blackheads on your face making the skin look rough, patchy and discoloured.

Avoid using strong alcoholic toners and cleansers
This will only cause more dryness to the skin, forcing the skin to over compensate by producing more oils which cause your skin to break out more.

Washing your face excessively
 Constantly washing your face will force the skin to dry up and produce excess sebum which in turn cause acne. Wash face with mild soap to remove impurities not more than two or three times a day.

Lack of exfoliation and moisturising
Dead skin cells need to be scrubbed of to make way for new cells and the underlying glowing skin. Dead cells clog pores causing more acne. Moisturising regularly to hydrate the skin and prevent it from drying.

Touching your face with dirty fingers would deposite bacteria on your skin which may lodge in your pores to cause break outs.

Dirty and sweaty pillowcase. Do not use one pillow case more than 3 days in a row. Ensure you change it. Sweat and dirtson pillow case can cause the skin on face to get acne.

Harsh creams. Avoid using harsh body creams for face. Use a face cream instead. The skin of the face is very delicate and would quickly reach to harsh chemicals.

Avoid direct sunlight. Exposing your face to the sun will age the skin fast causing the skin to dehydrate. A dehydrated skin is prone to acne breakouts.


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