I have been reading about these food for a while on the internet and didn't know what it tastes like. Yesterday a friend invited me to hang out and he wanted me to see this little cozy colourful place called Projecto Acai, in Marina.

 It's an acai based food outlet where they mostly served healthy meals. You must have read about acai. Acai is a superfood that originated from South America. It is purported to be a superfood rich in nutrients especially for people trying to eat healthy. 

  Me and my friend ordered off the menu. I picked lemon and mint juice and super salmon bowl with is aosta like a poke bowl. My friend ordered potato and chicken salad with Brownie Amor bowl with coconuts, brownie and walnuts and a blueberry smoothie. The menu items were tagged with interesting names that would peak your attention to try them out.

The food were very picturesque and colourful, especially insta worthy for pictures. I liked my super salmon bowl which had cucumber, chilli, mango, sesame seed, avocado and some other stuffs i can't remember. 

Overall I like the place, pretty chilled and laid back. The price for the food was very low and affordable. Customer service was good. The food was good also. 

They have a couple of outlets around Dubai. You guys can check it out especially if you are really into food photography, you won't be disappointed. 


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