HOME SKINCARE: Using Apple Cider For Hair/Skin

You might have no idea how amazing apple cider vinegar can be used in your beauty routine. The kitchen is filled with many cheap and easy items that can be infused into skin and hair care. Apple cider is cheap and easily available. You can get it in pure/unfiltered form or in a diluted state. Apple cider vinegar has numerous beauty benefits. The idea of using it for beauty purpose might seem repulsive but the enormous benefits are countless.

    These are some common uses of apple cider in your beauty/hair routine.

 Due to the acidic nature of the skin, apple cider vinegat can be use to balance the PH level of the skin keeping it between dry and oily. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water and use a cotton ball to cleanse skin. You will notice the difference in days and see your skin glowing.

Apple cider acts like disinfectant to clean brushes and its also antibacterial, so it washes off built up, dirts and germs. Mix a part with water and rinse brushes and allow to air dry.

Amino acids present in apple cider vinegar help calm irritated skin and it also balance hydration.

Apple cider can help to give your hair shine. It also remove product build up as a result of using different hair care products. It’s used as a form of deep cleansing treatment as a due to its acetic acid property. When applied to your scalp, it removes excess buildup from styling products. Always rinse hair with apple cider after shampoo; massaging it into scalp and leave a few minutes before rinsing.

      If you haven't tried it yet, give it a trial and see how wonderful it is. You can leave your questions and comments below and tell us your observations after using ACV.


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