This is one topic I like to talk about. Personal hygiene is a big deal for me. Body odour is like a stigma. When you smell so bad, people would not want to be around you. It can be so embarrassing that your close friends are just not bold enough to tell you how bad you smell. 

There are several reasons why people smell bad. It could be excessive sweating, diet, lack of proper personal hygiene or genetics. If you fall in the last category and still have bad odour, then it's time to see a doctor. Most people may have no idea that their personal scent doesn't smell good.


Baking powder is one of the most useful kitchen items you may not know about in health, hair and skincare. This cheap item has 100s of uses that can be used for your skin. 

  Apart from its various health uses, it can also be used topically for the body. All you need to do to kill the bad odour, is scrub your skin daily with baking soda. Concentrate on your underarms and those hidden corners that is likely to develop odour. 

Repeat this daily until the body odour disappears. And also to prevent any odour you can use the baking soda at least 2/3 times a week.

 Using baking soda is easily the cheapest and simplest way to stop and prevent body odour. This method is ten times more effective than using soap because of it's anti bacterial and exfoliating qualities. It's a good exfoliating scrub that cleanse the skin. On a subsequent post, I will list some wonderful beauty and health uses for baking soda.


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