Most times our hands get hard, chappy and rough due to the kind of work we do. But often times it's as a result of constant neglect. Alot of people pay little or no attention to the hands.

Follow this simple steps to get that gorgeous hands you have always wished for. 

 Always keep hands clean. Maintain a healthy diet rich in plenty of calcium, zinc, magnesium and vitamins A, B and C. 

 Soak hands in warm salt water and shampoo for 5 minutes. Apply moisturising hand cream.Choose a suitable hand cream for your skin type. 

 Always massage cuticle oil into nail bed to reduce the look of dry skin. Always apply a base coat on nails to protect nails from discoloration. And apply a top coat to protect the coloured paint on top of nails. Short and chic is better. Keeping nails short and the edges filed is recommend to keeping them long. Short nails gives the fingers a more elegant look. 

 Revive your nails –Apply and massage fresh lemon and almond oil to fingers and cuticles regularly if you have weary nails. It will help strengthen the nails.

 If you must work with chemicals, always wear protective gloves on hands and wear a glove during cold and harsh weather to protect skin from a dried look. 

 Don't use harsh soaps to wash hands, always use a mild anti bacterial soup to wash and don't forget to wash under the fingertips, as dirts tend to collect underneath.

 Give your hands a moisture boost at least 3 times a week by applying some nourishing moisturizer to your hands and nails and allow it to be absorbed before adding a few drops of oil. 

Put your hands into a pair of cotton gloves and sleep with them on till morning. You will notice a big difference and your hands will feel and look soft, with your nails rejuvenated. Hands look more beautiful with beautiful nails. 

You can have beautiful hands and nails by trying this easy steps that don't cost a lot. Give us your feedback and questions below on the comment section.


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