Good old beer! Surprised? I know it may seem like a very odd ingredient to add into your beauty routine, but it has amazing properties. With it's low pH value, beer helps to tighten hair follicles as well as remove dirt and grease and product build up from hair. The yeast in beer is also a good source of B vitamins, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. That thick white froth in beer also helps in curbing acne due the yeast in beer and slow down the production of sebum, to reduce emergence of pimples.

 Below are a few ways to use beer in your skin and hair routine: 

Beer Bubble Bath: Try a bath soak using a mixture of olive oil based soap and some cups of beer. Relax and soak for 10 minutes or more, then rinse off to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. I tried it a couple of times and my skin feels soft and supple. 

Beer/Strawberry Face Scrub: Make a strawberry paste, add a table spoon of sugar and two table spoon of beer. Rub the paste over all of your face and rinse after 10minutes. 

Beer Conditioner: Jojoba oil and beer can be use to condition hair. This natural, non-greasy conditione adds body and weight while jojoba oil adds shine. Add 2 tablespoon of beer to jojoba oil to give your hair a shiny sheen. Alternatively, you can substitute jojoba oil with coconut or olive oil. 

Beer Face Mask: Mix egg white and beer and apply to face and wash after 5minutes to achieve a soft skin. 

Which of the above will you be trying first. Tell us your experience in the comment section.


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